At the heart of Data & Society is our network. Building a strong and connected network is vital to advancing our field: It is only together that we can realize a future where technological development is guided by equity and human dignity. We nurture long-term, reciprocal relationships with our network members and place a high value on continuously learning from one another.

On this page you can learn more about our advisors, affiliates, Scholars Council, fellows, and alumni.

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Coming from backgrounds including public policy and law, AI governance, communications, academia, and the arts, the breadth and depth of our advisors’ expertise reflects Data & Society’s strategic priorities and ambitions. D&S advisors offer advice and feedback on issues including institutional development, equity and inclusion, donor relations, policy engagement, and strategy, and help facilitate other collaborations.


Data & Society affiliates make up a cohort of talented researchers, thinkers, and advocates who actively collaborate with the organization, whether by producing reports, policy briefs, and workshops; participating in D&S programming; or otherwise contributing their insights to our community.

Scholars Council

A group of experts who study technology and data’s role in society, our Scholars Council helps Data & Society chart a path forward in our research. Members provide feedback on research-in-progress, provide mentorship to early career scholars, and take part in exploratory discussions aimed at rethinking research practice, developing new research areas, and advancing existing ones.


Anchoring a field of researchers and practitioners that’s growing in size and influence, our nine cohorts of fellows have pursued academic research, written code, created art, brought together communities of activists and practice, run workshops and hosted convenings, worked closely with Data & Society’s inhouse research teams, and so much more. As we consider how to best serve our network going forward, the fellows program is currently on pause.


Data & Society staff have later put their experiences to work in a range of roles and organizations focused on technology governance and policy, labor, social justice, and more. Others have pursued advanced degrees and entered academia. Here are just a few: