Research Track

Education & Data

From tracking students in the classroom, to understanding how parents interpret school data, this body of research asked: How is data increasingly used in education and learning, and what are the lesser-known consequences of these new–and potentially invasive–tools?

Track Projects

Enabled Connected Learning

The goal of this project was to better understand exactly how existing and proposed policies affect connected learning initiatives and where and when student data can and should be used. We worked with technology developers, policymakers, and researchers to identify and address issues that hinder efforts to empower young people and advance their learning opportunities.

Data and Equity in School Choice

The Data and Equity in School Choice project aimed to better understand whether, and in what ways, and to what ends, parents and youth draw on publicly available school performance data when making decisions about where to apply and enroll. We explored how parents and young people in New York City experience school selection in a context in which admission decisions to both public and charter schools are made, at least in part, by algorithm.