Digital Privacy & Data Literacy

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About this Project

Libraries serve a critical role of providing free access to the web. The key challenges are accessibility, speed and affordability, but too often the conversation is missing a host of critically important privacy considerations. The extent of government surveillance programs, differential treatment of online consumers (data profiling), and the need for protection of sensitive personal data have ramped up the urgency of addressing these matters.

In response to this need, Data & Society partnered with Brooklyn Public Library, METRO, and New America to focus on data and privacy literacy by providing in-person education and training to 600+ information and library professionals in the New York metropolitan area, as well as online resources to librarians across the country.

This partnership, led by the library community, brought together organizations and individuals concerned about the impact of surveillance and data collection on citizens, specifically on disadvantaged communities, and further strengthenend libraries’ status as trusted gateways to information and knowledge.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services supported the Data Privacy & Data Literacy project.