Participatory Methods Researcher, AIMLab, AI on the Ground

Meg Young

Meg applies participatory and action methods to research on technology governance, with a focus on how to make surveillance and AI more accountable to the public.

Meg studies how to support advocacy groups and the public to drive algorithmic accountability and assessment in practice. She has collaborated with activists, advocacy groups, and public agencies on capacity-building for data governance, technology oversight, and public engagement; and co-founded the Critical Platform Studies Group, a non-profit that partners with civil rights groups to pursue algorithmic accountability through adversarial design.

Much of Meg’s previous work focuses on promoting digital rights in municipal government; her dissertation examined how government use of proprietary systems impacts public access, accountability, and oversight. Prior to joining Data & Society, Meg was a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell Tech Digital Life Initiative where she remains an affiliate, and as a fellow in the New York City Office of Technology Innovation.

She holds a PhD from the University of Washington in Seattle and an MS and BA from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Outside of work, she always wants to know where the good coffee is located.