Director of Research

Jenna Burrell

Professor Jenna Burrell is Data & Society’s Director of Research. She oversees all aspects of our research program at Data & Society, ensuring the rigor and integrity of our work. Burrell is taking leave from the School of Information at UC Berkeley, where she is a Professor. Her research focuses on how marginalized communities adapt digital technologies to meet their needs and to pursue their goals and ideals. She is the co-director of the Algorithmic Fairness and Opacity Group (AFOG) which brings together faculty and students from across the UC-Berkeley campus to facilitate research on how algorithmic systems can be designed, used, or regulated to support more equitable and just societies. Burrell is the author of Invisible Users: Youth in the Internet Cafes of Urban Ghana (MIT Press) and is currently writing up her research findings from a multi-year project about rural communities that host critical internet infrastructure, such as fiber optic cables and data centers. She earned a PhD in Sociology from the London School of Economics and a BA in Computer Science from Cornell University.