2020-2021 Faculty Fellow

Meredith D. Clark

Meredith D. Clark, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the Media Studies department at the University of Virginia. Her professional journalism background informs her primary research on the relationships between Black communities and news media in social media spaces. Her secondary research in critical journalism studies addresses questions of systemic racism in U.S. news media, with a focus on culture and processes in print and digital newsrooms. Her current work contextualizes Black Americans’ use of Twitter to create digital counter-narratives to mainstream news coverage of Black lived experiences as contemporary forms of resistance.

Meredith’s academic research has been published in Electronic News, Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, the Journal of Social Media in Society, New Media & Society, and Social Movement Studies. Her manuscript on Black Twitter is under contract in the Digital Politics Series from Oxford University Press. She is a member of the Deliberative Media Lab (UVa), and academic lead for“Documenting the Now II,” a project supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation that helps community-based activists create and maintain digital archives of their work. She is an advisory board member for the Center for Critical Race and Digital Studies (NYU) and Project Information Literacy (Harvard). She is also a faculty affiliate of the Center on Digital Culture and Society (Pennsylvania). During her time at Data & Society, Meredith will pursue development and application of Black cyberfeminist theory to create alternative models for contemporary journalism practice and platform governance, a project that is generously supported by the Democracy Fund. Day or night, she can be reached via Twitter @meredithdclark.