Events Production Manager

CJ Brody Landow

CJ Brody Landow powers production and boosts teams to build high-impact events.

CJ Brody Landow is thrilled to support Data & Society’s important research and community building as Events Production Manager. She is an event producer, educator and project manager whose commitment to gender equality, innovative learning strategies, and the arts has guided her work and advocacy. She has taught and developed theatre, sex education, and English-as-a-foreign language programs in a variety of conversation-starting settings.

In 2015, CJ founded her own event production company, Brigade Productions LLC, relying on her foray into finance roles to support her entrepreneurship. Dedicated to producing unique experiences for self-identified women and their allies, its International Women’s Day fundraiser benefitted local nonprofit organizations working for women’s rights around the globe. When not working or volunteering, CJ spends her time crafting, reading, and strolling with her elderly pup Marcel.