videoJune 5 2019

What Do We Know? The Inability to Question Mark Zuckerberg in Congress

Mutale Nkonde

Databite No. 121

AI is projected to spur immense growth in our economy across 19 sectors, including targeted advertising, which raises data-mining and digital privacy concerns.

In this talk, Data & Society Fellow Mutale Nkonde discusses governance in the age of AI. Moreover, Nkonde asks us to consider: Within the context of AI growth, where is – and where could there be – bias? As a major theme that guides her work, Nkonde emphasizes the lack of urgency that Congress currently feels to address ongoing racial bias within machine learning.

Data & Society Director of Research Sareeta Amrute moderates the conversation.

Data & Society’s Fellows Talks is a three-part Databite series showcasing our 2018-2019 fellows cohort. Each talk features 2-3 fellows speaking about their work, wide-ranging interdisciplinary connections, and a few of the provocative questions that have emerged this year.

Mutale Nkonde is a U.S. based policy analyst and 2018-19 fellow at Data & Society Research Institute in New York City. Nkonde works at the intersection of race, technology, and policy. Nkonde has been working as a senior tech policy advisor for Congresswoman Yvette Clarke since 2016. She was part of the team that helped introduce the Algorithmic Accountability Act into the House of Representatives in April 2019, and is currently considering a series of data privacy proposals. She is also the founder of the Dorothy Vaughn Tech Symposium, a briefing series that takes place on Capitol Hill. Her work has been covered in MIT Tech Review, she is a co-author of a report on racial literacy and tech, and she speaks widely on race, policy, and AI.

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