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  • event
    Brooklyn Public Library
    In this talk co-presented by Data & Society and Brooklyn Public Library, historian Jill Lepore discusses her new book "If Then" in conversation with danah boyd, founder and president of Data & Society. Read more
    September 2020
  • video
    Mari Bastashevski delves into the concepts of fear, anxiety, and paranoia and how these feelings shape our relationship with data-driven technologies. Bastashevski’s research and art practice share overlapping themes dealing wi... Read more
    June 2018
  • blog post
    D&S advisor Baratunde Thurston details his exploration of The Glass Room exhibit. "I want to see The Glass Room everywhere there is an Apple Store…And anyone founding or working for a tech company should have to prove th... Read on Points
    December 2016
  • report
    Data & Society
    "Online Harassment, Digital Abuse, and Cyberstalking in America" examines American teens’ and adults’ experiences with witnessing, experiencing, and responding to the aftermath of online harassment and abuse. Read more
    November 2016
  • blog post
    D&S advisor Christina Xu writes about fake news and conspiracy theories in China. Here in China, even well-educated and progressive friends have sincerely asked me about some pretty niche conspiracies. Did Hillary really a... Read on Medium
    November 2016
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