Conversations on The Datafied State

Curated by Jenna Burrell & Ranjit Singh


As governments procure, develop, implement, and mandate the use of digital and computational systems, the state becomes ever more “datafied” — and the boundaries between public and private power and accountability are increasingly blurred. Our emerging research agenda, The Datafied State, explores the growing impact of algorithms, automation, and surveillance across civic life, and the benefits and risks they pose to the public.

Data & Society is hosting a series of conversations with researchers, technology designers, lawyers, activists, policy experts, and public administrators to articulate this agenda across three lines of inquiry. We seek to build a shared understanding — and over time, an empirical base — that can guide the governance and use of these technologies toward equity and the public interest.

Part Two

5.11.22 | PART TWO: The Automated State

Ranjit Singh (Researcher, Data & Society) in conversation with Joanna Redden (Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Information & Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario and the co-director of the Data Justice Lab) and Michele E. Gilman (Venable Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development at the University of Baltimore School of Law). 

Part Three

5.25.22 | PART THREE: Race, Surveillance, Resistance

Tamara K. Nopper (Sociologist and writer; Former fellow at Data for Progress, 2021-22 Fellow at Data & Society, and Affiliate of The Center for Critical Race and Digital Studies) and Chaz Arnett (Legal scholar and advocate; Associate Professor of Law at University of Maryland School of Law) in conversation with Raúl Carrillo (Deputy Director of the LPE Project and an Associate Research Scholar at Yale Law School) and Alyx Goodwin (Senior Organizer at Action Center on Race and the Economy). 

Production & Web Layout:  Rigoberto Lara Guzmán

Curation: Jenna Burrell & Ranjit Singh

Co-Curation: Tamara K. Nopper & Chaz Arnett

Illustration: Chuang Ming Ong

Communications: Chris Redwood, Alessa Erawan, Eryn Loeb, Seth Young



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